Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Our Clearing Service includes; Removing Turk & soil, Breaking up patios & paths, Taking fence panels & posts out, Digging up shrubs & bushes, Cutting small trees & tree branches, Disassembling garden sheds, Removing weeds, including knot weed, Knocking garden walls down, plus many more.

We’re also happy clearing the continuous growth of plant material on paths, patios and decking such as, algae and moss that can make walkways really slippery.

Our Pressure Washing Cleaning Service includes; Wood decking & cladding, Concrete & stone patios or pathways, Wooden garden furniture, Non-glazed pots and planters, External walls covered with moss & algae, Children’s climbing frames, plus many more. Let us know what we can do to help with your needs.

Please note: General and Green waste is removed and charged per cubic metre, Heavy building waste such as masonry, hardcore, timbers and soil are charged by weight.

Some items incur additional surcharge due to them being hazardous to the environment such as; Fridges & freezers and Mattresses. There are also certain removals we cannot do such as; flammable products; oils, petrol, diesel, solvents, Batteries, Vehicle tyres, Liquids & chemicals including paint, Gas bottles & fire extinguishers, Hazardous waste; medical, asbestos, fluorescent tubes.